“Youth Climate Report; Youth Express”

oftentimes we did hear expert defining climate change and as a student we have been trying hard to memorize the same things …. but have you ever heard how general people defines climate change??
if not, here we go for how they defines climate change!
video contains interview with some local people and student of IOF about what do they know about climate change?


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  1. Nice documentary….
    following reasons from my side…
    These can also be the main causes of climate change:
    1. Green House Gases: It consists of gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, etc. produced from carbon cycle, respiration, volcanic eruption, ocean-atmosphere exchange, human activites.

    2. Land Use: Between 1750 and 2007, about two-thirds of anthropogenic CO2 emissions were produced from burning fossil fuels, and about one-third of emissions from changes in land use and deforestation [Source: wikipedia] . Deforestation causes the decrease in the absorption of green house gases by plants.

    3. Water Vapor: It is the most abundant greenhouse gas but have short atmospheric lifetime.

    4. Aerosols: It consists of burning of biomass thus forming primarily black carbon, Industrial pollution and desertification of lands.

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