This living green planet requires no more decoration but obviously protection. Now any revolution if that could be ever happen, will none other than Green Revolution. The revolution by the human being against the danger caused by human being themselves. And I think this great mission has begun already. I believe that the presence of so called energetic youth should be in frontline of this mission. So we can contribute whatever effort we have for the betterment of this Green Earth. As a youth we can share idea and information around the globe via this social networking. and we can inspire other, get inspired ourselves too. So we can make ourselves more passionate and committed. Don’t know how much it worth but this my own blog , I am sure, will be one of the voice among many, wanna make as weapon for revolution !!! 


In The End We Only Regret The Chance We Didn't Take !

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"अवसर लाई त सबैले खोज्दछन, तिमि अबसरले खोज्ने व्यक्ति बन"


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