“ICT for Development and Future Generations: climate change and sustainability, An Idea to Global Leaders”



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     ICT is the diverse set of the technological tools & resources used to communicate and create, disseminate, store and manage information. It includes both the telecommunication (telephony, cable, satellite, TV and radio, computer-mediated conferencing, video conferencing) as well as digital technologies (computers, information networks e.g. internet, World Wide Web, intranets and extranets and software applications.


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       It’s been connecting every nook and cranny of the world, it is impossible to be unseen, unheard & unknown with any place and event of the world to those who are directly connected to the ICT. Human efficiency has been increased, ensuing the effectiveness consequently resulting good result with higher precision, due to ICT. Many aspect of our society agricultural, social, economical, educational, and environmental and many more sectors have been advancing day by day, with the advancement in the ICT. It has been catapulting the human world & life to next realm & era.


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       Though use and accessibility of ICT is uneven type around the globe, technological progress is happening rapidly even in the developing country day by day. In case of Nepal, till April 13 2013, total internet user has been reached to 24.51% and total mobile user reached 66.69 %. Which, in comparison of some recent years to bygone years is the kind of leapfrogging in ICT. But quality of ICT being used is not well. only six percent users are using trustworthy internet connection and rest of 93 % of total 6.5 million users are still using unreliable and low quality internet.  And most of the users belong to the urban to semi urban area but still in the remote area there is no access of ICT. And in comparison to the other developed country our country is still creeping. Reason is obvious, still people are not literate enough & economically and financially not well being.

        As I mentioned earlier ICT, somehow in a complex way, is making various aspect of our life easier and comfortable. As in many other sectors IT has a profound role in environment sector as well. And as we know that despite of pile of environmental issues climate change is one which is bound to jeopardizing the living existence of all living being on the earth. And world is focusing their attention on it. Movement against It is gaining momentum day by day & experts are still engaging on finding better way to cope with impact of climate change. And role of ICT in this movement can’t be unacknowledged. My idea to the global leader who are going to make a decision on the post-2015 strategy, on how ICT can be used in the favor of this movement towards achieving the adaptation are as follow:



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 1. As I believe, awareness is the key for the change so, ICTs can play a key role in this process, use of social network, e-mail, facebook, twitter, blog, online forums, discussion lists, wikis, mobile phones, and video conferences  etc are the best way of disseminating and conveying proper information & striking the attention of people as well as best way for coordination in various levels. Awareness can be:

   => Updated data/information can be sent via e-mail to mail user, text message can be sent to mobile users (like burning plastic produces GHG which causes GHE etc.)

  => I have seen many people spending their time playing game in facebook, in their gadget, using various app, video games etc.  so in order to create awareness among these sorts of people(especially young & children) global leader should coordinate with the personnel or specialist of the respective organization/institution to develop same kind of technologies but which should be able to convey message(like: facebook game, apps, video games, which could give message about changing climate).


2.  Use of ICT reduces the carbon emission indirectly, for example

   => While attending international conference, workshop, meeting people have to travel by jet plane or other means of transportation all of them are liable to produce GHG. For that if we did online meeting ( skype meeting, video conference, google hangout etc.) people wouldn’t necessarily have to travel & at least it would contribute in least production of GHG.

  => Peoples travels by vehicle from their home to office & office to home, similarly travels for shopping, for the payment of bills (to electricity, telecom office etc), go for banking activities etc. instead of all this, for travel avoidance:

            Home working (Tele working)

            Online shopping

            Online banking activities, online bill payment system etc.

Can be promoted, So there would be less use of transportation means resulting less belching of GHG.


3.  internet based application such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, aerial photography, data mapping, climate change model should be used in identifying the vulnerability of the region, in order to prioritized  adaptation actions. Most of the developing countries, still, are technically not well equipped, giving a due consideration on that global leader should think about how to provide essential technical supports as well as inventing new disaster warning technologies for most vulnerable


4. In order to assess the vulnerability, to identify priorities, and act adaptation practices accordingly, open consultation with the respective vulnerable group as well as other should be done. For that internet based platforms, mobile phones, radio, television, e-mail according to the accessibility of people to IT can be used.


5. With the help of ICT tools reliable and precise information should be kept in a systematized way, so in incoming time or in future it will be easy to asses and compute the change taking place in climate.



 Not only environmental but all kind of sustainability has profound effect of climate change. Making sure our climate is not changing anymore is the first step of sustainability. So whatever effort it cost, not only global leaders but all of us are responsible to take a proper action at proper time. For that why don’t we use ICT as steering to give direction to this movement? 


I Hate Becoming Grown Up..

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Sometime I hate becoming myself so grown up. When I was just child,  I spent totally  carefree time, without bearing any burden in mind, without regretting what I had done yesterday, without being careful what m I doing today and without worrying about the unseen future, everything  was just unplanned but smoothly going on. Flashbacks of those bygone time still comes in my mind and makes me jealous of that small carefree me. no one ever did careless to watch my back even though I was doing things carelessly. But today i became 20 years old guy. Though my parent is so great that they still don’t turn deaf ear for my demand, and they aren‘t blindfolded at all for my ne   eds. But, now, I find, which is reality too, no more time being left so I could still , in anger,  punch my parent with my little fist and hear them responding “oh my little rude child” , i realize  no more time being left so I could cry on hunger and thirst and after that see my hand full with foodstuff or some rupee to buy whatever I wanted. No time to complain about what I wore, no time to make a wrinkle on face for what I wished. I think that is the real symptom of growing up for becoming youth, so one is capable of making wise decision, take responsibility to kill their hunger and quench their  thirst by themselves. Worrying and planning for future and are enthusiastic, energetic, and dynamic. But I am not being proud of that. Those Words used for defining youth seem to sound so good n great. But I bet this stage in your life is no


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 As grown up daughter or son of parent, and be defined as youth, inevitably, face to some kind of moral pressure without being imposed by someone  that u have to do something good for your parent, and for yourself as well. We have our own dreams, to be fulfilled and dream of parent as well. We have to live in such a way so we can be defined by system as “young, energetic, enthusiastic, dynamic, cause of change etc.” and do you think all of that is so simple to synchronize at all ?? Nope. Not so easy. And obviously requires great consistency without being any impatient, and have to practice worse kinda toil u have ever done. And in the pursuit of better way of fulfilling all these things, responsibilities and task laden youth have lots of “this & that , and  here & there” making them most mobile group of our society. All of them are doing the same and so am I.  If I were still child I wouldn’t have to be bothered by all this. But what difference such flying in fantasies makes now?? I already have been landed on the ground of reality. That’s why I hate sometimes becoming so grown up.

        Happy Youth Day To All Including Myself 😉 


“Youth Climate Report; Youth Express”

oftentimes we did hear expert defining climate change and as a student we have been trying hard to memorize the same things …. but have you ever heard how general people defines climate change??
if not, here we go for how they defines climate change!
video contains interview with some local people and student of IOF about what do they know about climate change?

“The End of Millennium Development Goals And Beyond”

perhaps many of us have heard about ‘millennium development goals’  even though if we aren’t known much about it. some part of world is being suffered from hunger and poverty, many children and people have been deprived of even a primary education  there is gender inequality, health of people are in risk, child mortality and many more.. in order to address these kinds of problem around the globe, united nation  in 2000 held summit called ‘millennium summit’ following the adoption of ‘united nation millennium declaration’ in order to achieve following eight international goals:

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1. reducing extreme poverty and hunger
2. ensuring universal primary education
3. ensuring gender equality and empowering the women
4. reducing child morlity rates
5. ensuring safe maternal health
6. combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases 
7. ensuring environmental sustainability

8. developing a global partnership for development 
these international goals determined by the united nation is known as millennium development goals. millennium development goals have been agreed by the 189 country around the world who are the member of united nation and 23 various international organisation and they have promised to achieve the goals by the end of 2015. the term international development is different than simply development in that it is specifically composed of institutions and policies. International development is related to the concept of international aid.To accelerate progress, the G8 Finance Ministers agreed in June 2005 

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to provide enough funds to the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the African Development Bank (AfDB) to cancel an additional $40 to $55 billion in debt owed by members of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) to allow impoverished countries to re‑channel the resources saved from the forgiven debt to social programs for improving health and education and for alleviating poverty. it seeks to implement long-term solutions to problems by helping developing countries create the necessary capacity needed to provide such sustainable solutions to their problems. 

     End of the 2015 is inching nearer and nearer,so, how have these goals of UN in various country been achieving?? is that targeted goals are likely to be achieved or not?? these are the question to be pensively ponder.
     Major countries that have been achieving their goals include China (whose poverty population has reduced from 452 million to 278 million) and India due to clear internal and external factors of population and economic development.However, areas needing the most reduction, such as the sub-Saharan Africa regions have yet to make any drastic changes in improving their quality of life.

     countries like Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Uganda have eliminated school fees. This resulted in the increase in student enrollment in several regions. For instance, in Ghana, public school enrollment in the most deprived districts increased from 4.2 million to 5.4 million between 2004 and 2005. in Kenya, enrollment of primary school children surged significantly with 1.2 million extra increase of children in school in 2003 and by 2004, the number had climbed to 7.2 million.

Even though the poverty rates in sub-Saharan Africa decreased in a small percent, there are some successes regarding millennium development goals in sub-Saharan Africa. In the case of MDG 1, sub-Saharan region started to eradicate poverty by strengthening the industry of rice production.


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Originally, rice production was one of the main problems since its production rate could not catch up the rapid population growth by mid‑1990s. 

developing countries like Bangladesh have shown that it is possible to reduce child mortality with only modest growth with inexpensive but effective interventions, such as measles immunization.
      According to some experts, MDG 7—to halve the proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation—is still far from being reached. Since national governments often cannot provide the necessary infrastructure, civil society in some countries started to organise and work on sanitation themselves.

    Goal 8 of the MDGs is unique in the sense that it focuses on donor government commitments and achievements, rather than successes in the developing world.
   Although developed countries’ aid for the achievement of the MDGs have been rising over recent years.the 50 least developed countries only receive about one third of all aid that flows from developed countries, raising the issue of aid not moving from rich to poor depending on their development needs but rather from rich to their closest allies.

so, the condition is getting improved though it is not as rapid as expected. and still there is mound of challenge in implementation of program and achieving goals within targeted time period.  but end of 2015 is not the end of journey of achieving the targeted international development goals, I think UN have got a more new issue to think about and pace step differently. all countries and organisation who have promised to achieve the goals, necessarily have to make try to achieve this goals within fixed time period, though  journey do not end there.so what after 2015?? what what have UN thought about that?

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   as 2015 approaches, however increasing global uncertainties such as economic crisis and climate change   have led to an opportunity to rethink the MDG approach to development policy. At the September 2010 MDG Summit, UN Member States initiated steps towards advancing the Post-2015 Development Agenda and are now leading process of open, inclusive consultations on the post-2015 agenda. Civil society organizations from all over the world have also begun to engage in the post-2015 process, while academia and other research institutions, including think tanks, are particularly active.

      On 31 July 2012, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed 26 civil society, private sector, and government leaders from all regions to a high-level panel to advise on the global development agenda beyond 2015.

       millennium development goals is obviously non other than goals of developing the human living condition around the world. and progress towards achieving the goals are uneven type. achieving those international millennium goals is obviously not a short term plan and not possible to have achievement within short period of time too. so also after the end of 2015, it should be continued, modifying with some current hot issue to be considered.

Reference:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennium_Development_Goals

Role Of Social Media In Youth Capacity Building


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  If we cried, it may not be audible far beyond 200m. We may not be visible from 100 meter away. If we wrote a letter to our relatives, it may not be delivered till months. But it is possible to hear the whisper form US, here in Nepal which is lying just another side of the earth, it’s been possible to deliver message to anywhere of the world just in one click of the ENTER of our computer. I remember my aunty reading letter dated 2-3 month before of mine uncle all the way from gulf. And it’s been no longer thenceforth, I see my aunty chatting with uncle in facebook. Few days back I saw one of my friend so happy, but not because her sister was coming home from US after years instead she had already updated the picture of all stuff being brought home along with her, in facebook. Many of us may barely have 500 friends but many of us have 500 facebook friends, at least. Friend living in Europe may have already known to what am I feeling? What am I thinking? What am I planning? Before our parent know. That’s what social media does?

          Flocks of people are, signing up in various social media every day, especially youth. Just like a plague, spreading rapidly. Craze of social media has become so vigorous that, we have to sign in our facebook account early in the morning before doing everytdownload (5)hing as if that is our 1st task which we have to do necessarily and at the end of the day when we will be lying on the bed we have to sign in again before we sign into dream. (let’s not talk about the interval between night and morning). Why youth are so addicted to social networking?? What advantage are they deriving from it?? Are they just using it and getting nothing or making it beneficial for their life, too? Are they wasting their time on it or making productive??These are the some issues of being engaged in social network that have to be think about.

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Being a member of social networking have both pros and cons. We all have also witnessed the social media being misused for crime. Youth are being addicted to it which is also the misuse.  Whether social media is boosting up ones capacity or not totally depends upon how are thy using it? Obviously youth should have taken the advantages of it. It’s a kind of mini world where we can find many thing. But which aspect we wish to belong or we have to belong, that’s up to us! Because sometime we know the good things but we just do is ignorance, and sometime we don’t know such things and everything just messes up. I think social networking is the good platform to develop ourselves, our personality, and let other people know who am I?

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                       Yes we can be up-to-date with hot and happenings around the world via social networking. Obviously news and update broadens the horizon of our knowledge. We can join various online social and environmental movement/campaign. We can share our idea and feelings to other. Social networking is connecting youth with youth from every nook and cranny of the world and making them together. It’s not merely connecting individual but letting their ideas and thought to flow. Social media is the blessings to all of us, before we misuse it then it’s no more than curse. We know how PSY become hero of youtube. He just made a video for “Gangnam style” and publicized through youtube and exceeded 1 billion viewer which was first ever video to do so on website history. there are lots of such exemplary work by youth, how they have catapulted themselves into limelight with the proper use of social media. Many artist/actor/actress publicize themselves through various social media. We heard the news of how facebook, twitter and youtube fueled up the Arab spring movement and propelled to success. 

images (72)Arabs people also logged in the same facebook which we have been using to chat but they used differently, they posted the schedule of their protest instead posting nonsense status, used the same youtube which we are using to download movie and songs to share their word to world and twitter to coordinate with each other and finally overthrew the autocratic ruling system.

      So how much you will be benefited from anything is just proportional to the how u use the things? So there is lots of things with social media which may be boon to our life. But whether we proves it as blessing or curse is up to us !


Youth Employment: Decent Work For All Young People , Everywhere

            “Ability worth nothing if u don’t get an opportunity” – Napoleon Bonaparte

            Every youth might have witnessed the condition relevant to the Napoleon’s saying. Last year one of my uncle son finished his B.Ed. sometime when I bumped to him, I use to be asking him what job are you doing nowadays DaDa? Surely, he never says “I am doing nothing” but blushes that runs instantly on his face tells ‘I am doing nothing worthy, that my certificates deserve.’ I know he is manning his father shop. Every year thousands of youth graduates from universities and takes a rest of having been employed nowhere.

      Every day there is queue of Nepalese youth at the exit of the TIA(Tribhuwan International Airport) having their passport and visa held on hand. But their passport and images (18)visa on their hand do not meant them leaving to foreign land on vacation after having salary from office, and their  purposes do not supposed to spent days on the beach sunbathing, at all. They are dreaming of some better employment opportunity out there. And in the pursuit of opportunity no need of sunbathing, their skin will certainly be scorched in the scorching sun of gulf.  All of us know about the difficulties that one have to bear in gulf country when working as employee, despite the knowledge of that still young people are queuing with the red Tika of best wishes being pasted on forehead, and making puddle of tear on eye.

                  Choice obliged by obligation when no other choice left.

Youth are fighting for limited opportunity, wandering here and there in the pursuit of opportunity or just roaming being tired of doing all that consequently, frustrated and depressed. Either educated or uneducated, flocks of youth are always seeking for decent job to do, in condition of freedom, equity, human security and dignity. But they are unable to get that, so in order to be engaged they are engaging theimages (19)mselves in drugs addiction, murder, robbery, and rape and creating other social problems. All they want is to be secured, and to get not only work but decent work to do. But, even for the energetic, dynamic and talent youth still they have difficulties and challenges in achieving such so called decent work*. 

 *According to the International Labor Organization ILO, Decent Work involves opportunities for work that is productive and delivers a fair income, security in the workplace and social protection for families, better prospects for personal development and social integration, freedom for people to express their concerns, organize and participate in the decisions that affect their lives and equality of opportunity and treatment for all women and men.

    But the problem is not only in our country, this whole world is facing youth employment challenge. According to ILO, global employment trend for youth, nearly 40 % of total estimated unemployed people (i.e. 200 million) in this world are between 15-24 years of age that is about 75 million of world population. The economy will need to create 600 million productive jobs over the next decade in order to balance the current unemployment levels and to provide employment opportunities to the 40 million labour market entrants each year over the next decade (ILO, global employment trends, Geneva, January, 2012) Although all regions face a major youth employment crisis, we can see large differences exist across countries and regions. For instance, in North Africa the youth unemployment rate has increased by 

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almost five percentage points between 2010 and 2011 reaching a rate of nearly 28 per cent by the end of 2011. Similarly, unemployment among young people in the Middle East was projected to reach a rate of about 27 per cent by the end of 2012. By the end of 2011, the youth unemployment rate in South Asia was 8.6 per cent. Change in both the unemployment rate and the number of unemployed youth from 2008 to 2011 were largest in European countries. Over this period, the number of unemployed youth increased by a massive 26.5 per cent while the unemployment rate rose by 4.7 percentage points above the level in 2008. (Thematic paper prepared by the ILO for global youth forum, 2012)

In this way challenge in youth employment sector is going to hit new records day by day. Most of the uneducated youth from the developed country are more likely to be unemployed, and in case of developing country educated youth are more likely to be suffered.  In case of our country problem is further triggered by the poor economy of country so that poor capability of country to invest for production though we have resources, unstable political condition, not the lack of education but technical knowledge of how to create opportunity and be an employee of ourselves.

 In conclusion…

In order to check the overseas flying of youth and  for the opportunity of decent job to all young people, government should have given due consideration. And we youth also have some problems otherwise we can help ourselves:

      Most important point to be noted about the Nepalese youth as I think is to change in perception of youth that no work is great and small. We should have respect for job. And doing same work in foreign land doesn’t mean different than here. We prefer 

images (21)

the same work of construction in the scorching hot of the gulf country, but same work if we were offered here then we surely would be reluctant. We are happy to mop the floor there but for sure, we never be ready in our own place. We do the same agricultural work there but here our land remains barren and unploughed. Just to earn little more, why should we fly for gulf to invest our labour and sweat there, risking own life, being apart from family and missing own country?

     And another important point is we have lack of sustainable thinking. i.e. how most of the youth after returning from overseas employment utilize their earnings? Or how young people uses the money they owned? Yes they are fond of riding new bike, having new gadget and finishes money for that. As I observed most of the overseas employee soon falls to zero, after paying loan and debt taken when applying for visa. Some of them makes new house, some changes roof of their house. But they never ever think about how to make 100 rupee to 200. Never plans for how and where to invest money that they earned?? Investing money for poultry farming could be more sustainable than changing the roof of house.  Likewise we can invest in other way (in fruits farming, off-season vegetable farming, make tea garden etc.) so there could be the income to ourselves and opportunity for other too.

            I think, we all youth have to do brainstorm how to be an employer to ourselves instead of being employee of other.  Moreover, educated unemployed young people should have given more due consideration on this issue!



Role Of Youth For Cleaner And Greener Environment !

He was my intimate friend when we were the students of +2 level. He always dreamed to have his own zoo, so he could keep the several animals within and peek them every day. After completion of +2 his further study came to full stop. He never went college for further study. And he never made the zoo too, which he had dreamed of. So, you may guess he just became like most of the guy roaming around without aim, without profession. But, he is not, indeed! Now he has own small tea factory and he is converting his entire sloppy terrace land to tea garden. The same land which, for the entire half of year used to be unproductive dry and barren, now is evergreen for entire year..!

From history to present if you went through, then you would find youth having their own history. Each and every movement that occurred in our society, in our nation for change, there is unhidden factor which acted as propeller in order to catapult the movement to success is, youth. Initiation, driving, safe landing and achievement of every movement, youth are always in forefront. This is due to grace of no one, and being offered by no one but the dynamism, enthusiasm, and potentiality they contained. Obviously voice of the youth is louder than anyone else. No one’s enthusiasm could be so enthusiastic and potentiality they contained can’t be look down on.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAimages (11)images (12)          

 But condition of youth may not be untouchable with some of this issue “are those youth well known to their potentiality? How/where are they investing their enthusiasm? Are they as dynamic as per they supposed to have quality of dynamism? Or have they become just like a musk deer of Himalaya who himself contains the aroma of musk in his navel but never could sense that? I am saying these things because all youth aren’t well educated, they are frustrated, unemployed, politically abused, suffered from addiction, and are roaming around without vision, without aim! so we, educated youth gotta  another extra responsibility of helping other youth to explore their potentiality and inspiring them for good deeds as well. 

It’s been already proved that youth are so energetic and contains such a strength which is just enough to bring any significant change, we have witnessed the many political and social movement and have historical document as well. Now time is offering us another opportunity to be in forefront, to lead the movement for “cleaner and greener environment”. Anything else is just secondary matter to be considered than our existence. And basis of our existence is environment where we live. How is our surrounding’s environment is the determinant of how is our living condition? And our living condition really affects everything. Most of the people do here and there, this and that to live their life, Pursuing something better in life: good job, money, car, bungalow etc. I don’t have anything to say to those who really need to struggle for their basic needs (food, shelter, cloths). But to those at least whose basic needs have been full filled, they have placed the secondary matter in first priority and I bet most of them haven’t even known environment should be placed in the first place. So, youth gotta job to do.


street program (with street drama) after awareness rally, on Wildlife Week 2013.


school teaching on Earth Day 2012. at Amarsingh H.S.S. Pokhara.

  In very first paragraph I explained the real story of my friend. He is youth and doing advantageous deed to himself as well as to environment. He is increasing greenery in one hand which obviously increases the aesthetic value of land and makes the environment pleasant. And other hand also getting financial benefits from it. For the cleaner and greener environment every youth, no matter what they do? Where they belong? What is their status? They all can invest their effort. My friend as he had left the study already contributed to environment in that way, and we belong to different sector some of us may be the teacher of school so we can disseminate the message for cleaner and greener environment among large number of student, some of us are still students of higher level so we can convince other people and we can do something ideal work, can create awareness among people at community level. As youth if anyone of us is poet can contribute by delivering some message to reader through poetry, if anyone of us is singer then same thing she/he can do by his / her singing. Etc. and if we don’t belong to any status like that and are simply youth  then no worry, we still can contribute for cleaner and greener environment, not letting our foot to kick the fence protecting the small plant, not tearing the green leaf instead at least sprinkling the water over flower of our garden. We will not let our hand to throw garbage’s outside the dustbin haphazardly. That means whoever and what kinda youth are we? No matter at all!  But we can contribute for green environment. Since, youth are beacon of change and No contribution either big or small can be less valuable.

 We prefer to slice the cake in our birthday! No objection at all, but how green would it be if we planted one plant in our every birthday? Our foot always treads the plastic lying on the floor but how clean would it be if every youth picked at least a piece at time and put that in dustbin?


fund collecton program on jun-5, 2013. all staffs, teachers, students and retailers around IOF has promised to make IOf open plastic free zone by next jun-5.


garbage being loaded, after sanitation program, on jun -5, 2013, at IOF.


“I can do something, he/she can do something  and so do you for environment ”  


We youth can do everything for this environment.


plantation program on the occasion of Wildlife Week 2013 on the premises of IOF.


 Let’s make our environment cleaner and greener with the effort of youth ! and make sure our living existence in this living earth…  (Y)

Environment: how do you define it??


what do you do when you are at the rooftop of your house??? i don’t know,  but ,often at dawn or dusk, when i used to be there, I got myself looking at the beautiful flower blossoming at garden, tap where water is being gushed to bucket, farm where crops are growing as if they are soon going to pierce that blue sky, cowshed where cow suckling the calf after my mom finishes milking her. I heard the pleasant chirping of the bird sitting in the tree next to my house, screaming of the children playing at the yard, gurgle of the stream flowing nearby my house. I saw the green forest clad hill which are thousands time bigger and taller than house where I lived, sloppy terraced land where farmer work every day.  I felt the touch and whisper of fresh and cool air which contains neither aroma of any kind nor stink, just a pure air. Yes, that is the environment where I do live.


          and,  all this natural setting catapults my memory tthose bygone time when I was the student of primary level, I remember sir telling us “sum total of surrounding of all living organism, including the natural forces and other living things, which provides the condition for development and growth. Is called environment.” still the same meaning comes in mind when I hear word environment! And I am sure too, it has none other meaning than this. One can elaborate environment in one way as I did in 1st paragraph and another in other way but its ok…! Finally it means the same as my teacher told 🙂 because, Nature has given us distinct and different setting of its component :  forest, river, land structure, air, temperature, soil, organism, etc. around us, to which we have become use to, to where we have become adapted. And human, they also created the things for the sake of their betterment. All that is the environment. Nature has given setting where human has no any contribution – natural environment. Some are human creation which is made for betterment of their living condition-artificial environment, and natural environment has been modified due to the action of human activities on it- induced environment. It’s the kind of environment.

sad2-500x375dsc01758 (1)

so whatever that is present in our surroundings to which we can sense (see, hear, feel), which are helping us to live, which are linking us to ecosystem is how do I meant to environment. it is the conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates. and their particular activities is carried on…!! environment around us is the determinant of  how we are living at t


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बाबाजी बिचार.........‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍...........................................

कुरा आफ्नै तर कैलेकाँही अरुको भावनास‌ंग पनि मेल खाने,


अन्तरमनमा गुम्सिुका केहि कुराहरु

Cosmic Love

Outer Space, Inner Spirit

ouR Social Conscience

Personal Social-Political Comentary


Who Said What

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