I Hate Becoming Grown Up…

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Sometime I hate myself becoming  so grown up 🙂 When I was just child,  I spent totally  carefree time, without bearing any burden in mind, without regretting what I had done yesterday, without being careful what m I doing today and without worrying about the unseen future, everything  was just unplanned but smoothly going on. Flashbacks of those bygone time still comes in my mind and makes me jealous of that small carefree me. no one ever did careless to watch my back even though I was doing things carelessly. But today i became 20 years old guy. Though my parent is so great that they still don’t turn deaf ear for my demand, and they aren’t blindfolded at all for my ne   eds. But, now, I find, which is reality too, no more time being left so I could still , in anger,  punch my parent with my little fist and hear them responding “oh my little rude child” , i realize  no more time being left so I could cry on hunger and thirst and after that see my hand full with foodstuff or some rupee to buy whatever I wanted. No time to complain about what I wore, no time to make a wrinkle on face for what I wished. I think that is the real symptom of growing up for becoming youth, so one is capable of making wise decision, take responsibility to kill their hunger and quench their  thirst by themselves. Worrying and planning for future and are enthusiastic, energetic, and dynamic. But I am not being proud of that. Those Words used for defining youth seem to sound so good n great. But I bet this stage in your life is no

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 As grown up daughter or son of parent, and be defined as youth, inevitably, face to some kind of moral pressure without being imposed by someone  that u have to do something good for your parent, and for yourself as well. We have our own dreams, to be fulfilled and dream of parent as well. We have to live in such a way so we can be defined by system as “young, energetic, enthusiastic, dynamic, cause of change etc.” and do you think all of that is so simple to synchronize at all ?? Nope. Not so easy. And obviously requires great consistency without being any impatient, and have to practice worse kinda toil u have ever done. And in the pursuit of better way of fulfilling all these things, responsibilities and task laden youth have lots of “this & that , and  here & there” making them most mobile group of our society. All of them are doing the same and so am I.  If I were still child I wouldn’t have to be bothered by all this. But what difference such flying in fantasies makes now?? I already have been landed on the ground of reality. That’s why I hate sometimes becoming so grown up.

        Happy Youth Day To All Including Myself 😉 



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