be good at deed…!

“Be enlightened and wise like a Buddha”, blabbering, that we often heard from our senior since when we got knack of understanding the meaning of word from the grown up mouth, continuously, to till date,though they themselves posses less virtue. And if they got being asked  “but, why you too do not resemble like a Buddha?” then answer  comes easily out of  that hole  “ do as what am I telling you, but not as what am I doing” which really makes us tongue tied.

                          It deserves ridicule and shame when there is lack of synchronization between ‘what we speak and what we do” but we never feel in such a way. We preach other  such  moral of life which we had neither ever practiced nor ever gonna practice again. But still we do. Without hesitation, without shame , without fear of being abashed. Don’t know what enzyme works to digest such things. Damn well digestive capability, we have !!images (4)images (3)

    “Habit from childhood never gonna mold again, remains as habit forever ”. Unfortunately, We born in the same environment where everyone bears hypocrisy on them , we started to pronounce very beginning word of our life in the same environment, our eardrum started to get struck with the sound in same environment, we started to see, we started to feel in the same environment, so we started to be ‘ used to’ with the same environment where grown up can say “ do as what am I saying but not as what am I doing”. Father told not to play card but he himself was gambler so lost everything even locket of mother, mother told never lie to other but she herself was liar, lied many time to father about the mistake that I committed, brother told not to smoke but he smoked dozen of cigarette in a day, teacher said do love other but he never had a mercy when I would unable to answer his question. So it’s like a culture of our society, worse than worst, say something but do nothing as said.

       So, it is not matter to be amazed but to be sad for me, when sometimes I get myself bumped into those who were supposed to be a respected, who said/talked good thing , seemed ideal,  having been found in such a way that, who’s deed  seems deserve no values at all. Same person do appeal among the people “use cycle and be eco-friendly” but he himself is fond of riding bike which belches puff of co2 and co. I have seen many times the same person who shout loud teaching people about the harmfulness of throwing garbage’s everywhere and  when becomes out of their sight throws wrapper of chocolate at the corner of the gully 🙂 .  I don’t think everyone is selfless. some are mercenary, some are opportunistic( does thing only if they get benefited),  then  who else is there for the betterment of the environment , for  our green earth if we so called environmentalist, green campaigner….whatever, ourselves are not   serious and sure about the matter..!! time is offering us the opportunity to contribute something.  it’s the greater time to make our footstep to pace differently, to make our hand toil more untiringly ,to make our mind think creatively, and spirit to be continued  being committed and determined..! we couldn’t  adopt the same culture of “ do like what am I saying but not like what am I doing” at least when we are in this campaign. We have to be ideal, what we say should be our behavior, our attitude , our deeds,  because living existence of billions of the living being belongs  to this ….! let us make ourselves  good at deed not only at word…!


            “So let us impress other by our deeds,  why only with words”


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