Message Of Belated Merry Christmas !

“we are always striving for secured life. we want our life to be beautiful. we want to be looked beautiful. in our entire life we often care about our physical body, our external appearances, we have worry for our own well being , always we seek for good education, for better and secured job. and there is struggle, competition, fight, jealous, hate among us for the sake of these things.  so called science and technology, i think , have nothing to invent which are requirement to sustain human life but science has still been discovering things and replacing previous one by latest one, they are modifying already existing things and making people feel needy of that. and we are always spending our life running after these things. and yes, we don’t have time to think that “ain’t we missing something to care about when we are running out of our lifetime each sec??” it’s fine we care about ourselves, our body, our appearances. although we are handsome and beautiful but still we put make up on our appearances, we are worried about our health so we often go to doctor and ask if we are OK( but i don’t mean it’s wrong)?  we are sensitive to diet, our physical fitness, our dress up. and i don’t mean not to care about all these things.. but at the end of our life how much these things which we have put on the top of priority ranking really matters??

when we die one day and will be lying on the floor all our relatives, our beloved will be grievous, they will cry, they will tear but, why they have to do all these scene?? while our body is still there,our eyes are at the same place where it was supposed to be and so is our heart, no one has stolen what we had earned during our whole lifetime, our name, fame, wealth and  everything is right there where it was before we die. but still they are crying?? why?? because although there is body in front of them but something is lacking, something is being left from our body. and yes it is none other than our SOUL. which is less cared by most of the people in their entire life.  and yes it is the reason for what other people are crying for when we die? they are not crying for our fit body, not for our beautiful faces and if so then they would use preservative to preserve our body I believe but, they burns with pyre or they bury our body deep inside grave.”

it is what i learned today when i attended “Art Of Controlling Mind” presented by one of the Hindu “santa”. which was interesting and full of knowledge. though i belong to Christianity by religion, i don’t think i should not attend to have some knowledgeable stuff in my mind in Mandir or mosque or stupa even though other think i shouldn’t. and i won’t regret being punished for that if jesus punish me.

it’s been said in Bible that body is just temporary, soul is what lives forever and it is up to you where do you want your soul to live. if you want eternal life then Christ is the only option. like Santa said, we invest most of our time caring and running after such things for which no one cries at the end. and pay little attention which lives forever. i don’t mean we have to be indifferent to modern and modified lifestyle, to science and technology, to our short living body but as believer of Christ what i want to say is let us save our soul too, as this is the only thing of us which is supposed to enter either hell or heaven.

and for that as a christian i recommend only surefire way is the way shown by Christ. who was conceived by virgin merry and came to earth for reason that each soul should be saved. who was tortured, crucified and buried but resurrected after three days of his crucification, it is believed that, as a messenger of lord, all which he bore was to cleanse our sin. who was born on just date of yesterday before 2000 years ago.                                                                                                                    images (1) 

let our soul live in heaven when our body goes to grave. and only way that leads our soul to heaven is the way shown by Jesus. lets believe  in Jesus and have eternal life.

may god bless all of us



                                                               Belated Merry Christmas to all!


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