How badly do you want success? Have you ever been successful?

“Of course why not? For sure I always want it more than so badly. But success is as yet to come in my life because I am still young, I don’t know if by the last moment of life, I would be like those Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Leonardo de Caprio etc. or not.” It is the possible answer of most of us.We all have that stereotypical thought about success which is on the basis of how most of the people define it?


Sometime if we 2/4 guys become collected at a place(mostly at passage of hostel), topic comes out from nowhere and little –little conversation develops into full-fledged debate without preparation , mind gets churn-up not knowing how long it takes to get to the final conclusion . Just like the butter after the intense churning of the milk finally we end up with casting our vote to most convincing reason as a conclusion. And last time it was about success.

One of my friend said “successful persons are those few people who are well known to many others or who can impress the massive number of people.”

I said “everyone is successful if they are happy with what they achieved.” 

Then debate just went on.We all opined our own opinion for a long time. Throughout the whole debate word achievement, happiness and success came frequently. We defined and linked them to each other on our own way.

He said “among the top ten student of the class, rest of the student, teachers and other people thinks that most successful one is 1st boy. People don’t think you’re successful in front of Ram Krishna Dhakal although you too sing”. 

“Nope! Even a last boy/girl of the class may be successful. But it’s all up to how they feel towards their achievement. Suppose, last one of the class never expected more than just pass mark and 1st boy aimed to score 90 % , but in mark sheet former scored only 80% and he still is the 1st but not happy & latter one is just happy with 35% and is still last of class. Who do you think is successful one?” I asked


He said “as I told already, obviously people consider 1st boy as a successful person among them and he is successful. And same rules of being successful are applicable to other.”

I said “no, success is not judgmental things based on the comparison to the rest of the world by people, it is the happiness of achievement.” “Success is all about being happy with what you achieved” I repeated again.

He said “There is one person who really wants to offer a service to helpless of society and he did too. He gave clothes to who didn’t have; he gave food to those who didn’t have. Now people are happy with him and happy with what they achieved. What do you think about happiness of that achievement? Are they also successful?”

“It is not that kind of happiness. It is the happiness to that achievement to which you have invested your effort to achieve it.” I replied.

And finally we came to agree that being successful is irrespective of how people graded you, instead it is your personal happiness to achievement as a result of consistent effort. Doesn’t matter how big or small your achievement is in comparison to others. Being like a Obama, Leonardo, or anyone else who have been supposed as a successful person is not a yardstick to measure how successful you are. I believe after your birth to till date you have achieved many things that you have longed for and it was different, may be, as time went on. And if you were happy at that time, if you are happy now with that, then you are already successful many times. So called successful person may not be happy with what he/she achieved but still people may say he is successful, but that is  an illusion.

                                                        “Achievement without happiness is not a success!”


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