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It was the article by Bijaya Kumar published in ekantipur which made me engrossed in the issue of one of the social worker Dilshova Shrestha which was marking a new rising mercury level in the Nepalese Media sector.  it left me so impatient to unfurl the Dilshova that promptly I googled and youtubed her and what I found about her was so heartrending that before being on the verge of tear I was already tearing .Dil-Shova

 Her story began when she tied a nuptial knot with a guy whom she loved, she was from well off family but after marriage only she found he was living on rented room but she didn’t left him only because he was badly off. Her first baby (boy) died soon after she gave him a birth because of her poor nutrition during pregnancy time.  Second time when she got pregnancy her mother supported her with good food and gave a birth to the girl. His husband wasn’t happy with her for she gave birth to the daughter.  When her daughter was of marriageable age then her husband eloped with other women with all what she treasured for her daughter marriage. Her and her daughter’s life started to struggle in misery; neighbor also never became positive to what they were going through so not to bear all this kind of burden she with her daughter attempted to commit the suicide having poison. But they didn’t die.

  Her turning point came when one of the lady teacher  soothed her not to worry about what happened in past due to not being able to give a birth to son  and having son is not only the enough reason to be happy. She took her to the Tripureshwar where one aama of almost eighty was in so miserable condition even though she had her three sons. Then her mind started to change.

Initially she started to take care of her(aama). When she used to travel for this  old women she saw many others lying on the road she got deeply hurt and she thought to pick up the those aama’s from road and planned accordingly.  In 1997 she brought 5 helpless Aama from street to her house at Ravi bhawan. She formally established her own house as Aamaghar in 2000. She was rearing 47 aama and 34 children. In order to keep this entire 81 person alive on her own how she has to go through is really touching. She received the financial support from her daughter/son-in-law, and now nationwide well-wisher throughout the world.

When one goes through the story of Dilshova and her interview they can’t be left without being asked to themselves does such kinda person still exist in our society? What she did to such kind of helpless Aama lying in the street was really worthy of respect. She also says how she hasn’t been able to provide proper food, and their wishes to them sometime and it is obvious too, because 75whatever she has been doing is on her own .and it is far more better to those street Aama to live in the Dilshova’s Aamaghar with love and care instead lying in the street helplessly who had no cover to shade scorching sun, and who had nowhere to go when they were shivery due to cold. Something is really better than nothing.

Now she has been alleged with the sexual abuse and labor exploitation of children and elderly.

And how she is being accused for sexually abusing children and elderly of her Aamaghar brings the real dilemma of whom to believe? And this news got publishes in one of the reputed daily newspaper of nation, and controversial one sided phone call also has been flashed. If I supposed to believe what media brought in front of everyone then story of how she went through for 16 years to be who she is today, and her determination, her beliefs never let me believe she can be so pretentious and dramatic. And if i didn’t believe in what media says then one question becomes unanswered how one of the reputed media can be so responsible for ruining one’s personal reputation?  

Our society is materialistic and so is every people living in this society. it is one in thousand who have feeling of selflessness, who offers the service to other without expecting benefit.

It isn’t that good person can’t commit mistake. And no one can be perfect as well, everyone has some kind of flaws even with a god to whom we worship, has flaws which isn’t worthy of worship. But One mistake is prominent than hundreds of good deed.

 And now it is under investigation so I don’t want to say who is right and who is wrong with claim, it’s all up to probe commission. And the conclusion of the probe commission gonna be exemplary of either of following situation of our society for sure:

If accusation against the Dilshova turns to be right then it shows still our society has not been so free from opportunistic and selfish and thousands of real social worker will be in shame and millions who had belief & respect for their so called selflessness will be disheartened.

 And if it turns to be wrong then it will be proved once again our society is such that one doing good job always get discouraged anyhow.

Either one is going to be proved but both of these aforementioned situations are what the issues of social working in our society are.  Both Kind of social workers are existing, one is really selfless being pulled back by other, and another is just pretending to be social worker with selfish motive.

Let see what kind of social worker our Dilshova Shrestha is?



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