That’s Why m gonna love u…!


Early in the morning when I get up, I see the snow clad Machhapuchhre as always, and I feel as if it is just trying to teach me how to smile in perpetuity. Never surging calm Phewa taal which drowned no boat ever, taught me being quiet and cool is surefire way of never making mistake. Seti on the bottom of the deep gorge flowing without burble is who taught me how to erode and scour the obstacle ahead and keep going.

That’s how you always triggered motivation of mine.


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Green forest which is part of you let me inhale fresh air so my lung is functional. You provided the scenery so, my eyes has been no more worthless. Ears are functional because you have all what birds’ needs to chirp. Nose can feel the fragrance of flower because you always let flower to have what it needs to be in full bloom and my tongue only can enjoy the meal if u let the field produce more crops. You have lots of tangible things to make sure my sense of touch is Ok.

So, my sense organs aren’t sense organ without you.

iEarth Heart

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I would be so naked in front of everyone if only u wouldn’t have cotton field, my fingernail would be so long if you never had contained raw metal for nail cutter. My hair would be so shaggy if you never had contained what it takes to make soap and scissors.

I’m handsome because of you.

I’m living, I’m motivated, I’m who I’m because of you.

But, instead of what you did to me, out of chimney of industry I billowed co2 full smoke for you, I did deforestation to make you nude, did urbanization, industrialization for the sake of so-called civilization and many more.

I regret unrequited love of your ‘s ,Though I never loved you the way you loved me but I want you to be sure henceforth  I’m gonna love you like no-one did ever before

Owing the debt of gratitude for who you always became to me, with all of my heart I am madly in love with you.

  I love you, earth!



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