we gotta preserve..our culture !

I am  proud to be  who i am, its coz of where i  belong to n it is  none other than the land  having mosaic pattern of cultural diversity, n that’s what about us that world is salivating for. n m totally +ve & aware not to loose the flavor i have got. if  salt looses its flavor then its worthy for no one and nothing instead being dumped in some where godforsaken place. if we became unanswered of  who we are? what belongs to us? where we belong to?  we really become a stuff of shame. so, whenever and wherever we are, we gotta preserve and promote our culture. it’s not merely keeping what we have got from ancestors safe but also tagging our own identity to ourselves.

here is video how we danced sakela(typical Kirat Rai’s cultural Dance, supposed to be performed in Udhauli & Ubhauli) even in Dipawali.


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"अवसर लाई त सबैले खोज्दछन, तिमि अबसरले खोज्ने व्यक्ति बन"


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कुरा आफ्नै तर कैलेकाँही अरुको भावनास‌ंग पनि मेल खाने,


अन्तरमनमा गुम्सिुका केहि कुराहरु


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