Beauty Is only to see….

Since time imemorable to infinite time ahead, it is universal truth, beauty is being loved by everyone. So is human beings beauty. Specially of women/girls. Beautiful girls are never invisible even in the crowd. Like many other, I am also the die-hard fan of them ;), to be honest even when I go to church, when I walk alone in the street, when I travel by bus, or when I am in class I do sneak my sight to the pretty face of those beautiful girls time and again :D. But, today is the day I found beauty so ugly that I had never ever imagined and for the first time I disliked it too much. and found beauty only is nothing that matters to one. there should be severals things, indeed, to be beautiful. Its all about none other than that beautiful girl, who was destined to ride the same bus with me or, may be, it was me who was destined to travel with her in the same bus, for some lesson to be learned 😀 😉 

     I was on the way back to my college by local bus at evening. And sure bus was congested. And  was already more than full of people. At the end of the aisle, side by side four girl and one boy had already occupied the seat.  Boys was near to window and women next to him was probably his mother who didn’t seem to merit for girl to be addressed , and rest of all were girls among of them I bet one was breathtakingly beautiful, though rest of two were beautiful too. When I entered the bus and penetrated through the people standing on aisle to take a place for mine in front of last seat,  I saw the her talking to someone on mobile, and for her to notice it took no time for me for she was beautiful.  she had a pretty face, white complexion, and well dressed, all her appearance showed with no doubt she was from decent family background. I wasn’t eavesdropping but heard her talk to someone  for I was near to her. She started to say “ what???……. hello….hello….what?? ….K?? K re…?…….” I thought mobile networks sometimes goes crazy . I have also gone through many times.  She had engrossed herself on her cell phone… scrolling down through phone list, sometime. Sometime, typing message …mumbling in anger tone. She hunched forward as her one friend was siting in front of her…. And showed mobile, may be there was some text or something like that. “they were to meet me. But I was busy na? saale….!?

“Ignore him for now? Lets call him after we reach home, ok ? “ her friend said.

I guessed the person she was talking on phone to was her boyfriend.

Then  I confused she really raged or pretended?

She tried many time on her phone, before she raged.

She started to blabber using such a word that for the first time I didn’t believe it was my eardrum being struck with such filthy word ? or ok. Fine I was hearing, but hoped god, at least it wouldn’t have been in public place !! it was surprising to see how such a pretty girl can speak in that way.

Maaa……  Baal Bhayo…? Tyo maaa…. Sanga nabolda k hunchha, next is lining up for me.. maaa….”

She ignored everyone around him. Women next to her could be the mom with her son, or aunt with her cousin ,,,, people standing in front of her could be the relatives to each other . but she was ignoring them and continued to produced such words… even the people who were unknown to each other were trying to avoid their face from seeing  each others  due to shame .

 Again her cell phone beeped, she received . may be callers was the same person to whom she was blabbering at. She tried to spoke softly…spoke indistinctly …. Said I’ll call you later” and started to produce the same way of speaking . she sometime banged her fist on her thigh. And kept saying many “maaaaa…..”  with various tone each with different emotion.

Sometime making her middle finger up. Gesturing in many way.

I thought she was little bit overacting too, as there was no one to stop her.

Khalasi Dai came to us for fare. We paid. Everyone paid. She said “mom is there,ask her”

I was shocked. Further. Just two seat in front of her. Her mother was sitting. And just two seat behind of her mother she was speaking  so filthily that capturing attention of all, though they didn’t glimpse her more than once, I thought poor mother how poorly you have had your daughters upbringing?

  I do accept everyone can speak in that way, and speaks too,  despite of  knowing  its not pleasant word to be heard , but as a man for they all have minimum level of sanity one have to be careful. place where one sitting merely may not be his/her bedroom or person next to them merely may not be their friends only. at least if we couldn’t distinguish the situation around us,  what it would mean being a human being?

What she was trying to prove, anyway? Was she really furious? Or was she trying to be noticed herself as brave girl coz generally Nepalese women/girls never dares in that way in a public place?

But whatever she was trying to prove, she proved herself as ugly girl with beautiful face. Girl can be beautiful , but every beautiful girl may not possess the beauty of virtue. (Not only girls but boys too).

Who cares she is from decent family background, who cares she has a pretty face ? after all, Who have known none other  than letting their emotion in public place in such a bad manner, ignoring everything.

beauty of external appearance only worth nothing . and girls external appearance is not only things for gentleman needed to spend life with. And so is for ladies.

And judgement on the basis of one’s external appearance is foolishness. Who knows how is behinds the facade of external beauty/?

after all, Its been said ..

Beauty is only to see…………


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