Black man: of Saturday

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 he had a dark black complexion, kinda chunky, cap on head, not well dressed, spot of dirt on his shirt & pant, it was not difficult me to conclude that his clothes were in the verge of being tattered and he was not from decent origin. I never cared of other except some who used to be conspicuous among the flock of church goers like; The foreigner who used to have tall, white  and big size body than normal Nepali’s, the host of that Saturday, member of choir group,  some pretty girls 😉 and him. it’s been no longer he started to come to church but since his first day I always noticed him because he was blacker than any black guy attending for pray moreover he used to sit in front row of mine, just in front of me. he would come to church alone and before having seat in front of me he  used to observe adjacent person of his front , hind and side  with smile on his face, then he wouldn’t care around him instead used to focus himself to the host and singing of choir. Never produced a word till today while one small kid was gaping at him continuously, as if he wasn’t from this planet. Perhaps black guy felt odd, then he asked lovingly squeezing his soft cheek with his black and rough finger “tmro nam k ho babu??”   boy jolted awake. Without answering boy went away. May be he was sure by that time black guy wasn’t alien anymore and I was also sure he wasn’t from  Nigeria or any other African country. Since, he asked to boy in Nepali but in “Bhaiya” tone.  So I came to know that he was “bhaiya” either from Terai or from India.


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       One thing I always observed about this guy was, there was the donation box where it’s been written that  “ donation box for Gospel outreach”  and every Saturday he used to drop some amount inside it. I  never managed to see  before,  how much he used to drop there but today I was able to sneak my sight to glance him  dropping 100 rupee note.

After finishing prayer I was in rush back to my hostel. On the way I saw him paddling old cycle and sacks being dangled by carriage full of bottle tin and other material and was still shouting “thotra tin bottle kawadi”…..

        I wasn’t amazed at all but couldn’t stop myself  being pondered. There was many people who were from decent family background, used to ride bike, used to ride scooter, some even a car  but he was the first person I ever saw dropping his help in donation box every Saturday, ever  since I came here for prayer and later came to know he was cycle rider, bottle and tin collector.  Since this guy started to donate some rupee I used observe if other would too do the same?  but they never did. Though they seemed well groomed and better than him, they never ever have even a glance on that box but this guy who was obviously not from decent origin was near to box for some help to be dropped in it.

 finally before entering to my room i concluded:

in this jovial Saturday this black man at least remind me that  “People who are poor, do the worst kinda struggle and hardly managing themselves to afford all, tend to be more kind, generous and loyal. But those who are supposed to be rich and  well being are cynical, ignorant and self-centered even though both do the prayer to the same god and both are being equally loved by god.”




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  1. Man became rich with their heart,love not by caste,social status!!!salute for that man…eVEN black from skin,,,,beautiful from heart.hats off…and one of the best of Suman Rai

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