“ICT for Development and Future Generations: climate change and sustainability, An Idea to Global Leaders”



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     ICT is the diverse set of the technological tools & resources used to communicate and create, disseminate, store and manage information. It includes both the telecommunication (telephony, cable, satellite, TV and radio, computer-mediated conferencing, video conferencing) as well as digital technologies (computers, information networks e.g. internet, World Wide Web, intranets and extranets and software applications.


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       It’s been connecting every nook and cranny of the world, it is impossible to be unseen, unheard & unknown with any place and event of the world to those who are directly connected to the ICT. Human efficiency has been increased, ensuing the effectiveness consequently resulting good result with higher precision, due to ICT. Many aspect of our society agricultural, social, economical, educational, and environmental and many more sectors have been advancing day by day, with the advancement in the ICT. It has been catapulting the human world & life to next realm & era.


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       Though use and accessibility of ICT is uneven type around the globe, technological progress is happening rapidly even in the developing country day by day. In case of Nepal, till April 13 2013, total internet user has been reached to 24.51% and total mobile user reached 66.69 %. Which, in comparison of some recent years to bygone years is the kind of leapfrogging in ICT. But quality of ICT being used is not well. only six percent users are using trustworthy internet connection and rest of 93 % of total 6.5 million users are still using unreliable and low quality internet.  And most of the users belong to the urban to semi urban area but still in the remote area there is no access of ICT. And in comparison to the other developed country our country is still creeping. Reason is obvious, still people are not literate enough & economically and financially not well being.

        As I mentioned earlier ICT, somehow in a complex way, is making various aspect of our life easier and comfortable. As in many other sectors IT has a profound role in environment sector as well. And as we know that despite of pile of environmental issues climate change is one which is bound to jeopardizing the living existence of all living being on the earth. And world is focusing their attention on it. Movement against It is gaining momentum day by day & experts are still engaging on finding better way to cope with impact of climate change. And role of ICT in this movement can’t be unacknowledged. My idea to the global leader who are going to make a decision on the post-2015 strategy, on how ICT can be used in the favor of this movement towards achieving the adaptation are as follow:



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 1. As I believe, awareness is the key for the change so, ICTs can play a key role in this process, use of social network, e-mail, facebook, twitter, blog, online forums, discussion lists, wikis, mobile phones, and video conferences  etc are the best way of disseminating and conveying proper information & striking the attention of people as well as best way for coordination in various levels. Awareness can be:

   => Updated data/information can be sent via e-mail to mail user, text message can be sent to mobile users (like burning plastic produces GHG which causes GHE etc.)

  => I have seen many people spending their time playing game in facebook, in their gadget, using various app, video games etc.  so in order to create awareness among these sorts of people(especially young & children) global leader should coordinate with the personnel or specialist of the respective organization/institution to develop same kind of technologies but which should be able to convey message(like: facebook game, apps, video games, which could give message about changing climate).


2.  Use of ICT reduces the carbon emission indirectly, for example

   => While attending international conference, workshop, meeting people have to travel by jet plane or other means of transportation all of them are liable to produce GHG. For that if we did online meeting ( skype meeting, video conference, google hangout etc.) people wouldn’t necessarily have to travel & at least it would contribute in least production of GHG.

  => Peoples travels by vehicle from their home to office & office to home, similarly travels for shopping, for the payment of bills (to electricity, telecom office etc), go for banking activities etc. instead of all this, for travel avoidance:

            Home working (Tele working)

            Online shopping

            Online banking activities, online bill payment system etc.

Can be promoted, So there would be less use of transportation means resulting less belching of GHG.


3.  internet based application such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, aerial photography, data mapping, climate change model should be used in identifying the vulnerability of the region, in order to prioritized  adaptation actions. Most of the developing countries, still, are technically not well equipped, giving a due consideration on that global leader should think about how to provide essential technical supports as well as inventing new disaster warning technologies for most vulnerable


4. In order to assess the vulnerability, to identify priorities, and act adaptation practices accordingly, open consultation with the respective vulnerable group as well as other should be done. For that internet based platforms, mobile phones, radio, television, e-mail according to the accessibility of people to IT can be used.


5. With the help of ICT tools reliable and precise information should be kept in a systematized way, so in incoming time or in future it will be easy to asses and compute the change taking place in climate.



 Not only environmental but all kind of sustainability has profound effect of climate change. Making sure our climate is not changing anymore is the first step of sustainability. So whatever effort it cost, not only global leaders but all of us are responsible to take a proper action at proper time. For that why don’t we use ICT as steering to give direction to this movement? 


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