Those Who Deserve Thumbs Up..!

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once upon a time, there was a farmer who had horse and goat in his farm. one day horse became sick. he called the veterinarian. veterinarian came and checked up the horse and said to the farmer ” well, your horse is suffering from some sort of  virus. i will give you medicine for him, let him have it. ok. i will come back after four-day. if he don’t get cure then there is no way than finishing him.”                         

after farmer and veterinarian left goat came to horse who was listening all conversation, from nearby. and said ” hey friend be strong, and get well soon or else they are going to have to put you down.” 

next day farmer came and gave the medicine.

another next day he was same. nothing improved.

farmer was sad to see him still sick on 3rd day as well. and he gave medicine and left.

goat, was also worrying about the situation of horse. he cam and said again ” hey, c’mon horse get well soon, don’t be like that other wise  you will die.”

on fourth day farmer came with veterinarian. saw the same tragic condition of the horse. both of them were sad. veterinarian said ” unfortunately we have to put him down. otherwise virus will be spread to other animals as well. we will do that tomorrow.”

they left. goat came nearby to horse and said ” hey, pal, it’s now or never, c’mon, lets get up. you are gonna die. have courage. c’mon , just walk with me. yes, yes, that’s good. c’mon. here you go. now lets run with me …one , two , three….good, good, you are doing good. gonna catch me. yes, yes….!!!”

all of sudden, owner came back to the farm. he saw his horse running in the field. he jumped in joy and shouted “oh, it’s really a miracle. my horse get cured. there must be grand party. lets kill goat.” 

Moral Of The Story:

“eyes all we have is those which merely sees how good somebody or something is. but never sees the things (cause) behind, which made it so good.”

only adoring and being impressed with dazzling facade of someone’s success/achievement is unjust, to those who are the cause behind it, and who really deserves thumbs up.


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