Happy Tiger Day 2013



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“International Tiger Day, also known as Global Tiger Day, is an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation, held annually on 29 July”

 This definition of Tiger day is what I found in Wikipedia when I was surfing net to get some information about the tiger.

 I do believe that awareness is `first ever step for significant change. It brings the change in people perception. Awareness makes people who are really unaware about things, come to know what exactly something means instead what they think is supposed to be a meaning of something. And it will certainly help people to change the way of behaving towards something. But what if someone who are aware of something and still commit mistake like they were aware never before?

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Tiger is well known to all of us. it is important, being one of the endangered species .Population of tiger is dwindling day by day around the globe but Fortunately, according to recent data population of tiger in Nepal is increasing. Survey conducted between feb-jun 2013 showed that  population of tiger has been increased by 63 %  since the last survey in 2009, bringing tiger population of Nepal 198.. The last survey in 2009 estimated that there were only 121 wild tigers left in Nepal. According to this new figure of 198, the approximate numbers of tigers in Nepal range anywhere from 163 to 235.

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It is great news to all of us.  Creating awareness among people about this beautifully awesome big cat is obviously a great job, thumb should be up for that. but what issue  am I trying to put forward here is that not only the unawareness of people is the cause of killing tiger.  We have witnessed that people who were fully aware and supposed to be the protector of it also, being destroyer and making their hand dirty. Though they know what would be the consequences if they caught but still they are not stopping themselves.  They are chanting good thing but doing worse thing. Not all of them, but some, though who are in position of authority and have authority to punish one who commit crime, they themselves are committing crime. It is shame to say but truth can’t be blanketed.   

  Especially for this kinda people, who can sense but not sensing deliberately, where should them be categorized? And what kind of awareness should be provided? 🙂  😀

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 “May every tiger could live it’s entire lifespan”!!

          “ Happy Tiger Day 2013”


reference: http://lexlimbu.com/2013/07/198-wild-tigers-in-nepal/



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