Role Of Social Media In Youth Capacity Building


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  If we cried, it may not be audible far beyond 200m. We may not be visible from 100 meter away. If we wrote a letter to our relatives, it may not be delivered till months. But it is possible to hear the whisper form US, here in Nepal which is lying just another side of the earth, it’s been possible to deliver message to anywhere of the world just in one click of the ENTER of our computer. I remember my aunty reading letter dated 2-3 month before of mine uncle all the way from gulf. And it’s been no longer thenceforth, I see my aunty chatting with uncle in facebook. Few days back I saw one of my friend so happy, but not because her sister was coming home from US after years instead she had already updated the picture of all stuff being brought home along with her, in facebook. Many of us may barely have 500 friends but many of us have 500 facebook friends, at least. Friend living in Europe may have already known to what am I feeling? What am I thinking? What am I planning? Before our parent know. That’s what social media does?

          Flocks of people are, signing up in various social media every day, especially youth. Just like a plague, spreading rapidly. Craze of social media has become so vigorous that, we have to sign in our facebook account early in the morning before doing everytdownload (5)hing as if that is our 1st task which we have to do necessarily and at the end of the day when we will be lying on the bed we have to sign in again before we sign into dream. (let’s not talk about the interval between night and morning). Why youth are so addicted to social networking?? What advantage are they deriving from it?? Are they just using it and getting nothing or making it beneficial for their life, too? Are they wasting their time on it or making productive??These are the some issues of being engaged in social network that have to be think about.

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Being a member of social networking have both pros and cons. We all have also witnessed the social media being misused for crime. Youth are being addicted to it which is also the misuse.  Whether social media is boosting up ones capacity or not totally depends upon how are thy using it? Obviously youth should have taken the advantages of it. It’s a kind of mini world where we can find many thing. But which aspect we wish to belong or we have to belong, that’s up to us! Because sometime we know the good things but we just do is ignorance, and sometime we don’t know such things and everything just messes up. I think social networking is the good platform to develop ourselves, our personality, and let other people know who am I?

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                       Yes we can be up-to-date with hot and happenings around the world via social networking. Obviously news and update broadens the horizon of our knowledge. We can join various online social and environmental movement/campaign. We can share our idea and feelings to other. Social networking is connecting youth with youth from every nook and cranny of the world and making them together. It’s not merely connecting individual but letting their ideas and thought to flow. Social media is the blessings to all of us, before we misuse it then it’s no more than curse. We know how PSY become hero of youtube. He just made a video for “Gangnam style” and publicized through youtube and exceeded 1 billion viewer which was first ever video to do so on website history. there are lots of such exemplary work by youth, how they have catapulted themselves into limelight with the proper use of social media. Many artist/actor/actress publicize themselves through various social media. We heard the news of how facebook, twitter and youtube fueled up the Arab spring movement and propelled to success. 

images (72)Arabs people also logged in the same facebook which we have been using to chat but they used differently, they posted the schedule of their protest instead posting nonsense status, used the same youtube which we are using to download movie and songs to share their word to world and twitter to coordinate with each other and finally overthrew the autocratic ruling system.

      So how much you will be benefited from anything is just proportional to the how u use the things? So there is lots of things with social media which may be boon to our life. But whether we proves it as blessing or curse is up to us !



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