Youth Employment: Decent Work For All Young People , Everywhere

            “Ability worth nothing if u don’t get an opportunity” – Napoleon Bonaparte

            Every youth might have witnessed the condition relevant to the Napoleon’s saying. Last year one of my uncle son finished his B.Ed. sometime when I bumped to him, I use to be asking him what job are you doing nowadays DaDa? Surely, he never says “I am doing nothing” but blushes that runs instantly on his face tells ‘I am doing nothing worthy, that my certificates deserve.’ I know he is manning his father shop. Every year thousands of youth graduates from universities and takes a rest of having been employed nowhere.

      Every day there is queue of Nepalese youth at the exit of the TIA(Tribhuwan International Airport) having their passport and visa held on hand. But their passport and images (18)visa on their hand do not meant them leaving to foreign land on vacation after having salary from office, and their  purposes do not supposed to spent days on the beach sunbathing, at all. They are dreaming of some better employment opportunity out there. And in the pursuit of opportunity no need of sunbathing, their skin will certainly be scorched in the scorching sun of gulf.  All of us know about the difficulties that one have to bear in gulf country when working as employee, despite the knowledge of that still young people are queuing with the red Tika of best wishes being pasted on forehead, and making puddle of tear on eye.

                  Choice obliged by obligation when no other choice left.

Youth are fighting for limited opportunity, wandering here and there in the pursuit of opportunity or just roaming being tired of doing all that consequently, frustrated and depressed. Either educated or uneducated, flocks of youth are always seeking for decent job to do, in condition of freedom, equity, human security and dignity. But they are unable to get that, so in order to be engaged they are engaging theimages (19)mselves in drugs addiction, murder, robbery, and rape and creating other social problems. All they want is to be secured, and to get not only work but decent work to do. But, even for the energetic, dynamic and talent youth still they have difficulties and challenges in achieving such so called decent work*. 

 *According to the International Labor Organization ILO, Decent Work involves opportunities for work that is productive and delivers a fair income, security in the workplace and social protection for families, better prospects for personal development and social integration, freedom for people to express their concerns, organize and participate in the decisions that affect their lives and equality of opportunity and treatment for all women and men.

    But the problem is not only in our country, this whole world is facing youth employment challenge. According to ILO, global employment trend for youth, nearly 40 % of total estimated unemployed people (i.e. 200 million) in this world are between 15-24 years of age that is about 75 million of world population. The economy will need to create 600 million productive jobs over the next decade in order to balance the current unemployment levels and to provide employment opportunities to the 40 million labour market entrants each year over the next decade (ILO, global employment trends, Geneva, January, 2012) Although all regions face a major youth employment crisis, we can see large differences exist across countries and regions. For instance, in North Africa the youth unemployment rate has increased by 

images (20)

almost five percentage points between 2010 and 2011 reaching a rate of nearly 28 per cent by the end of 2011. Similarly, unemployment among young people in the Middle East was projected to reach a rate of about 27 per cent by the end of 2012. By the end of 2011, the youth unemployment rate in South Asia was 8.6 per cent. Change in both the unemployment rate and the number of unemployed youth from 2008 to 2011 were largest in European countries. Over this period, the number of unemployed youth increased by a massive 26.5 per cent while the unemployment rate rose by 4.7 percentage points above the level in 2008. (Thematic paper prepared by the ILO for global youth forum, 2012)

In this way challenge in youth employment sector is going to hit new records day by day. Most of the uneducated youth from the developed country are more likely to be unemployed, and in case of developing country educated youth are more likely to be suffered.  In case of our country problem is further triggered by the poor economy of country so that poor capability of country to invest for production though we have resources, unstable political condition, not the lack of education but technical knowledge of how to create opportunity and be an employee of ourselves.

 In conclusion…

In order to check the overseas flying of youth and  for the opportunity of decent job to all young people, government should have given due consideration. And we youth also have some problems otherwise we can help ourselves:

      Most important point to be noted about the Nepalese youth as I think is to change in perception of youth that no work is great and small. We should have respect for job. And doing same work in foreign land doesn’t mean different than here. We prefer 

images (21)

the same work of construction in the scorching hot of the gulf country, but same work if we were offered here then we surely would be reluctant. We are happy to mop the floor there but for sure, we never be ready in our own place. We do the same agricultural work there but here our land remains barren and unploughed. Just to earn little more, why should we fly for gulf to invest our labour and sweat there, risking own life, being apart from family and missing own country?

     And another important point is we have lack of sustainable thinking. i.e. how most of the youth after returning from overseas employment utilize their earnings? Or how young people uses the money they owned? Yes they are fond of riding new bike, having new gadget and finishes money for that. As I observed most of the overseas employee soon falls to zero, after paying loan and debt taken when applying for visa. Some of them makes new house, some changes roof of their house. But they never ever think about how to make 100 rupee to 200. Never plans for how and where to invest money that they earned?? Investing money for poultry farming could be more sustainable than changing the roof of house.  Likewise we can invest in other way (in fruits farming, off-season vegetable farming, make tea garden etc.) so there could be the income to ourselves and opportunity for other too.

            I think, we all youth have to do brainstorm how to be an employer to ourselves instead of being employee of other.  Moreover, educated unemployed young people should have given more due consideration on this issue!




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  1. youth shoud creat their job themselves….in their own land 🙂

  2. Its true that many youths are foreignized for earning and living. Also big businessmen are foreignized too. That is because of security in Nepal. So the government should guarantee their security. ‘Swo-Rojgar’ program was a good program started previously but it was corrupted too. This would have been good if it was applied correctly…

  3. Rai Suman, good and informative one.

  4. training/skill should be taught instead of this so called formal education to youth !

  5. The article is superb and worthy. We have recently listened the news about the Nepalese who got killed in abroad. As Every rose have thorns, so we should create the opportunity by ourselves even we get the bruises due to thorns.

  6. good job man; keep on doing such kind of creative work

  7. Keep it up Suman.. 🙂

  8. Rai Suman, good and informative one.

  9. suman you had reflect the real conditions of youth of our the time has comes to think seriously about the youth of this nations by the Government and needs to develop programs and plan with special focus to the youth..if we cannot create employment opportunities within the country then it is quite sure that we have old,women and children population left in the country..

  10. yes we all are unemloyed…:( who else cares about us xcept by ourslves ! yes do brainstrom and be an emplooyee of yourseelf,, we are capable of that (Y)

  11. gr8 yar…motivation to youth,,keep it up

  12. great work keep it up………………..

  13. Good Writer , Go Ahead

  14. informative one bro….keep it up!!!!

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