Role Of Youth For Cleaner And Greener Environment !

He was my intimate friend when we were the students of +2 level. He always dreamed to have his own zoo, so he could keep the several animals within and peek them every day. After completion of +2 his further study came to full stop. He never went college for further study. And he never made the zoo too, which he had dreamed of. So, you may guess he just became like most of the guy roaming around without aim, without profession. But, he is not, indeed! Now he has own small tea factory and he is converting his entire sloppy terrace land to tea garden. The same land which, for the entire half of year used to be unproductive dry and barren, now is evergreen for entire year..!

From history to present if you went through, then you would find youth having their own history. Each and every movement that occurred in our society, in our nation for change, there is unhidden factor which acted as propeller in order to catapult the movement to success is, youth. Initiation, driving, safe landing and achievement of every movement, youth are always in forefront. This is due to grace of no one, and being offered by no one but the dynamism, enthusiasm, and potentiality they contained. Obviously voice of the youth is louder than anyone else. No one’s enthusiasm could be so enthusiastic and potentiality they contained can’t be look down on.

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 But condition of youth may not be untouchable with some of this issue “are those youth well known to their potentiality? How/where are they investing their enthusiasm? Are they as dynamic as per they supposed to have quality of dynamism? Or have they become just like a musk deer of Himalaya who himself contains the aroma of musk in his navel but never could sense that? I am saying these things because all youth aren’t well educated, they are frustrated, unemployed, politically abused, suffered from addiction, and are roaming around without vision, without aim! so we, educated youth gotta  another extra responsibility of helping other youth to explore their potentiality and inspiring them for good deeds as well. 

It’s been already proved that youth are so energetic and contains such a strength which is just enough to bring any significant change, we have witnessed the many political and social movement and have historical document as well. Now time is offering us another opportunity to be in forefront, to lead the movement for “cleaner and greener environment”. Anything else is just secondary matter to be considered than our existence. And basis of our existence is environment where we live. How is our surrounding’s environment is the determinant of how is our living condition? And our living condition really affects everything. Most of the people do here and there, this and that to live their life, Pursuing something better in life: good job, money, car, bungalow etc. I don’t have anything to say to those who really need to struggle for their basic needs (food, shelter, cloths). But to those at least whose basic needs have been full filled, they have placed the secondary matter in first priority and I bet most of them haven’t even known environment should be placed in the first place. So, youth gotta job to do.


street program (with street drama) after awareness rally, on Wildlife Week 2013.


school teaching on Earth Day 2012. at Amarsingh H.S.S. Pokhara.

  In very first paragraph I explained the real story of my friend. He is youth and doing advantageous deed to himself as well as to environment. He is increasing greenery in one hand which obviously increases the aesthetic value of land and makes the environment pleasant. And other hand also getting financial benefits from it. For the cleaner and greener environment every youth, no matter what they do? Where they belong? What is their status? They all can invest their effort. My friend as he had left the study already contributed to environment in that way, and we belong to different sector some of us may be the teacher of school so we can disseminate the message for cleaner and greener environment among large number of student, some of us are still students of higher level so we can convince other people and we can do something ideal work, can create awareness among people at community level. As youth if anyone of us is poet can contribute by delivering some message to reader through poetry, if anyone of us is singer then same thing she/he can do by his / her singing. Etc. and if we don’t belong to any status like that and are simply youth  then no worry, we still can contribute for cleaner and greener environment, not letting our foot to kick the fence protecting the small plant, not tearing the green leaf instead at least sprinkling the water over flower of our garden. We will not let our hand to throw garbage’s outside the dustbin haphazardly. That means whoever and what kinda youth are we? No matter at all!  But we can contribute for green environment. Since, youth are beacon of change and No contribution either big or small can be less valuable.

 We prefer to slice the cake in our birthday! No objection at all, but how green would it be if we planted one plant in our every birthday? Our foot always treads the plastic lying on the floor but how clean would it be if every youth picked at least a piece at time and put that in dustbin?


fund collecton program on jun-5, 2013. all staffs, teachers, students and retailers around IOF has promised to make IOf open plastic free zone by next jun-5.


garbage being loaded, after sanitation program, on jun -5, 2013, at IOF.


“I can do something, he/she can do something  and so do you for environment ”  


We youth can do everything for this environment.


plantation program on the occasion of Wildlife Week 2013 on the premises of IOF.


 Let’s make our environment cleaner and greener with the effort of youth ! and make sure our living existence in this living earth…  (Y)


In The End We Only Regret The Chance We Didn't Take !

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