Environment: how do you define it??


what do you do when you are at the rooftop of your house??? i don’t know,  but ,often at dawn or dusk, when i used to be there, I got myself looking at the beautiful flower blossoming at garden, tap where water is being gushed to bucket, farm where crops are growing as if they are soon going to pierce that blue sky, cowshed where cow suckling the calf after my mom finishes milking her. I heard the pleasant chirping of the bird sitting in the tree next to my house, screaming of the children playing at the yard, gurgle of the stream flowing nearby my house. I saw the green forest clad hill which are thousands time bigger and taller than house where I lived, sloppy terraced land where farmer work every day.  I felt the touch and whisper of fresh and cool air which contains neither aroma of any kind nor stink, just a pure air. Yes, that is the environment where I do live.


          and,  all this natural setting catapults my memory tthose bygone time when I was the student of primary level, I remember sir telling us “sum total of surrounding of all living organism, including the natural forces and other living things, which provides the condition for development and growth. Is called environment.” still the same meaning comes in mind when I hear word environment! And I am sure too, it has none other meaning than this. One can elaborate environment in one way as I did in 1st paragraph and another in other way but its ok…! Finally it means the same as my teacher told 🙂 because, Nature has given us distinct and different setting of its component :  forest, river, land structure, air, temperature, soil, organism, etc. around us, to which we have become use to, to where we have become adapted. And human, they also created the things for the sake of their betterment. All that is the environment. Nature has given setting where human has no any contribution – natural environment. Some are human creation which is made for betterment of their living condition-artificial environment, and natural environment has been modified due to the action of human activities on it- induced environment. It’s the kind of environment.

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so whatever that is present in our surroundings to which we can sense (see, hear, feel), which are helping us to live, which are linking us to ecosystem is how do I meant to environment. it is the conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates. and their particular activities is carried on…!! environment around us is the determinant of  how we are living at t


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  1. Nice Article Su-man. Good Writer

  2. Nice stuff…


  4. its nice…now its time to save our environment …(Y)

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