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  we can see how Maslo has given hierarchical order to human needs. He put Food as a very first basic need in the hierarchical order. And it is obvious that nothing could be so urgent need to human being to be alive than food, albeit many other essentials also requires. It is one of what makes our body functional and able to perform rest of all activities. But issue to be pensively ponder arises when we talk about food. This is the same so called living planet, where some people gargle their mouth with Champagne and some are still fighting for drop of water, in one hand some people have fortune to have menu for food to make better choice which would tickle their fancy and in other hand some people are also there who have been struggling even a for mouthful stuff. Some are swelling with fat and some are in the verge of death due to malnutrition. No single factor only could be the factor behind this, among of them “Food wastage” also couldn’t be remain unconsidered.maslow's_hierarchy_businessballs800px-Not_avoidable_food_waste

     One third of total food produced i.e. 1.3 billion ton is being wasted annually according to FAO.  In one hand size of earth is not gonna be increased, no more productive land areas are increasing instead population are multiplying day by day, demographer predicts world population will be double by 2050, and productive land are not being planted with crops but with skyscrapers , bungalows and other infrastructures. On the other hand we have situation that food produced in limited land are being wasted, what else could be so worst worthy than this!  According to various research and study it’s been found that food wastage occurs at different stages, which is effected by the socio-economic condition and overall how developed and prosperous is that country. Countries, which are developing, food wastage occurs at early stages. I.e. during the time of harvesting, storing and distribution due to the lack of proper technology, finance and managerial skills. And if we talked about the food wastage and loss of the medium – highly developed country food wastage occurs at the later stage when it is ready for consumer. Because of the consumer behavior. Because they are aware of hygienic food. In developing country 40% wastage occurs at post harvesting and processing level. Whereas 40% loss in industrialized and developed countries occurs at the retail and consumer level.

  In case of Nepal also we have situation regarding this food issue which is severe. Though Nepal is agricultural country, we are not technically well equipped and skillful. So there is problem at the time of harvesting and distribution resulting the loss of food. Lack of transportation facilities at the production site is also one of the constraints. most of the fruits and vegetable produced at the remote area becomes wastage before they reach to market.   At retail and consumer level also especially at urban area, food wastage occurs because urban people are aware about their personal hygiene. They consumes only food which looks fresh and of good quality and rest of all becomes worthy to dump. Food wastage causes the decrease in the income level of farmer and causes higher prices for poor consumer. Country already have food crisis problem in the western part(Dolpa, Humla, Jumla, Bajura etc) , people are starving and struggling for food, food wastage especially that takes place in the urban and other area really triggers their condition to be worst.936150_10151514009762830_327261398_nimages (1)

                    We have to be conscious about the people around us and around the globe starving. Piece of bread doesn’t matter more to us but obviously to them. Possessing more food than our requirement and finally which becomes leftover is just like robbing. And it is like encroachment upon their right to have enjoy in their very basic need.   Because indirectly / directly our carelessness and ignorance causes them to be more starved. More malnourished and stunted.  so it’s time to think how we can reduce the wastage from our site. From our personnel site, at least simply we can order our launch/dinner in such quantity so there wouldn’t be any leftover. We can eat the leftover food too, we can preserve food in fridge, and many kinds of food stuff have expiry date we have to be careful about that. Similarly shopkeeper can sell fruits, vegetable and other food stuff which has lower quality at reduced price so people would buy them, hotel owner can decrease the item in their menu so no more food would be wasted. And popular bar, restaurant, hotel, public places and their website can advertise not to waste the food. More importantly government has to provide technical and financial support to farmer to check the wastage during pre-stage.540032_514928041878149_116158756_n220px-Biodegradable_waste

 I don’t bet but it is not unsure too, if people do war in someday for the sake of their basic right that will be none other than their basic primary need –food.  And if someone tries to know how all that happened then food wastage also will be at the top of the list of causes. So why don’t we think before eat and do save the food so there wouldn’t be any wastage. And why don’t we let this message flow to all who are able to have their food ….for the sake of those who are unable to manage their mouthful stuff.

I believe , theme of environment day 2013 “” will really help to knock the eardrum of people. and as blogger lets hit the attention of people sharing message and idea via blog, at least  among the friend circle of our social networking. and lets make this voice collective and ear piercing…..!  (Y) 


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